From August 2000 to May 2002 I, Brigitte Picart, born November 12, 1952, a French citizen, worked on a limited-time basis as an assistant-secretary in the offices of Rockland Psychiatric Center ("RPC"). RPC is in Rockland County, in the village of Orangeburg (zipcode 10962), not far from Nyack and the Tappan Zee Bridge. The institution is state-owned and the employer is the State of New York, Department of Health.

I worked in a 2-person department, the Dept of Multicultural Affairs and Compliance. The chief's last name was Trotman and the secretary's name was Jacqueline "Jackie" Sanders.

Although "Compliance" (with laws and regulations) would suggest some lawyers would work in that office there was none.

When I started working I occupied a disused office which served as a temporary storage room for all the disposable goods associated with the giant company-wide annual picnic. The room was so full that I had to navigate boxes and dodge overhanging material to reach my desk. The picnic and fiesta was scheduled for early September and my boss was the organizer. One of the big attractions was a softball match "staff against management".

By contrast preparation was minimal for the fiesta planned on the 12th of September 2001. It was plain to see that there were no disposable picnic goods stored in my former office. There was no excitement, no softball match was planned, my 2 coworkers were reticent and unwilling to explain the lack of preparation despite the date being firm and the commemorative T-shirts printed.

I was so puzzled by the absence of preparation despite the date approaching fast, that one afternoon I asked Jackie the reason. She didn't say anything but she gave me a commemorative T-shirt.

When the 9-11 events occurred Trotman didn't even bother to produce a memo cancelling the fiesta and it made me sick with distress. Here is how the day went on on 9-11:

When I arrived for work on the 11 at 8:45AM the TV was on in the glassed meeting room and chairs were arranged in a half circle in front of it. I went to the kitchen to get coffee and the receptionist, an old red-haired woman (Bea Leycraft) told me a plane had hit the North tower. I thought a small plane had an accident but then she said "They think it's foul play." I sat down to watch. Among the 10 to 12 persons watching with me, nobody seemed upset, there was light conversation, it was as if they knew the story in advance.

When I saw the 2nd plane enter the South tower I felt sick because I knew it was impossible for a plane to penetrate a building this way, but I didn't suspect a media trickery. After seeing the first tower fall I was so upset I left the room and went to my office.

Jackie told me she was going to be away from her office for several hours so I asked her permission to use her computer to surf the internet because my own computer didn't have internet access. She allowed me and I spent several hours surfing the web. I noticed that there as no noise around me and when I looked in the offices around nobody was there, I was alone on the entire floor!

The next day Jackie posted a "poem" on her door about the 9-11 attacks. It was a horrible poem, in that it was poorly written, it mentioned bodies shredded to bits in the most unfeeling manner and the rhymes were atrocious.

In the following months Jackie traded her small used car for an SUV and until I left got expensive hair treatments (extensions, corn rows, beads etc) and more fashionable clothes whereas before she had her hair plain and wore modest outfits. After 9-11 her personality changed too: she was more outgoing and exuberant, more self-confident. She went to the Credit Union almost every day and remained there for a long time.

After 9-11 a doctor I knew traded his Ford Explorer for a brand new BMW. When the dotcom crash happened he had told me that he'd been wiped out and couldn't retire as early as he'd wished but it seems he recouped his losses.

Afterwards Jackie may have gotten a bit worried of betraying herself with her overnight conspicuous consumption so she said to me that she was working a second job on the week ends as a bartender to pay for her car, and another sec'y said she was also working a 2nd job as a secretary for a lawyer.

I find it highly unlikely that a secretary-state employee could get a second job as a bartender. And I don't see how the other secretary could work for a lawyer when she was already employed full time.

The 9-11 events had apparently very little effect at RPC. It was said that one woman who worked in a distant department and whom I almost never saw, lost her husband who worked at Windows of the World. I was given a one-page fold-out on how to deal with loss, and the several stages of loss. And that was all. Nobody spoke about it.

I returned to France in May 2002 after almost 20 years in the USA. When I sorted my clothes to pack up my luggage I found the commemorative T-shirt and to my horror saw that the date printed on it was not the 12th as scheduled for the annual picnic, but the 11th! I rejected the T-shirt violently as if I had found a deadly spider crawling in it.

Recently I saw Max Keiser's video where he speaks about the government announcing that it has destroyed all records concerning the insider trading and put options taken on the airlines shortly before 9-11. I felt compelled to leave comments and to write the YouTuber who had posted the video. My comments are under the name "Khamomil"

the Bin Laden trades, insider trading of 911

I now believe there is a possibility that the State of New York employees like those at RPC who had control on budget and had foreknowledge of 9-11, diverted some of these monies to invest in put options and cut down their service to the max in order to maximize their gains. They also put some lower employees like Jackie in the secret.

This would explain not only why the 9-12-01 picnic was so underfunded, but also why no flower beds were planted in the Spring of 2001 whereas when I started work in August 2000 there were flowers blooming around all buildings and driveways. I remember asking a state employee why no flowers had been planted that Spring and he gave me only a vague answer.

The fact that Trotman didn't notify the staff that the picnic of September 12 was cancelled is proof, I think, that everybody except me was in on the deal.

Also the fact that Jackie gave me a sweatshirt with 9/11 printed on it when I asked her why there were no preparations for the annual picnic, is very telling. It's as if she'd answered "because of 9/11" a few days before that fateful date.

Another thing is the timing of when Bea told me that foul play was suspected. She said this before the second plane hit. I don't know if the media were offering this interpretation so early. If they didn't then where did Bea get this information from?

It is quite possible, in my opinion, that the Director of RPC was himself "au courant". I don't see how the gardener could have gotten away with leaving the flower-beds empty unless he had the Director's ok.

I have a few documents attesting to my presence in this place at that time, such as pay stubs, photographs and a few memorabilia. They can be viewed in pdf format HERE (local server) or HERE (remote server).

I swear that the above is true to the best of my knowledge.

I authorize the diffusion of this document.

Brigitte Picart
Paris, June 25, 2010 - updated June 28, 2010