Diary of a Marked Woman

Diary of a Marked Woman

Paris, January 2005

This month as well as February, March and April, I was home in bed with a cast on my right leg (multiple fractures to tibia and fibula just under the knee):

On December 31st at 5:37 PM a pedestrian who was hiding behind a parked car in the intersection of Vistule St. and Choisy ave. "darted" in front of me then as I was passing behind him he turned around and he jumped at me and threw me to the ground. I was riding my bike home at a slow speed with the green light for me. I felt my bones break (AGAIN DAMMIT!) and the bike, me and my assailant were all weighing on my broken leg. But that wasn't enough for him! Because though I didn't see it, I could feel he was blocking my left leg and pushing on the two extremities, ankle and knee, using the footrest of the pedal in-between like a lever: he was trying real hard to break my left leg too! So while I was lying entangled in my bike I was at the same time fighting to keep my left leg unbroken (the one that was injured in 1990) by moving it down so that the footrest was closer to my knee. It was exceedingly difficult because he did all he could to prevent me from doing just that. Afterwards, when I was in bed at the hospital, I saw the parallel striations on my skin made by the tiny teeth on the edge of the footrest, showing the distance I had moved my leg, about fifteen to twenty centimeters. And I was wearing a pair of lined wool pants and a pair of long johns, so the marks of my skin were made by the edge of the footrest through three layers of fabric!

Another -cough, cough, cough- a-c-c-i, you know, d-e-n-t.

Here's some info on the injury I suffered: A comminuted fracture of the tibial pleateau AND a fracture of the fibula.

Here's the Google dope on "tibial pleateau fracture".

Knee guru (UK) here

I will tell the story when I have the time and notify the reader when it's available.

So for now let's just jump to the beautiful month of MAY

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