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du 3 au 6 juin 2011

Sent Date: 03-juin-11 12:06:33 Paris Cher(ère) kamo0_4, Hi Brigitte, many thanks for all your purchases. I have sent you an invoice with the best price for delivery - via DHL's Europlus service. I will arrange for the parcel to be collected from me on Monday so you should receive it 1-3 days later. Hope this is OK. Kind regards, Lynne lynden4wear
Sent Date: 03-juin-11 12:29 Paris Cher(ère) kamo0_4, Hi again Brigitte, please do you have a contact telephone number that I can give to the courier? I cannot arrange the delivery without one. They will only use it if they cannot find the address. Many thanks, Lynne
Cher(ère) lynden4wear, Hi Lynne, Could you please ship the books by "small packet" airmail instead of DHL? I find the DHL fee too steep and not really justified since I am in no hurry to receive these books and could wait a week. Thanks for your help. Brigitte - kamo0_4
Sent Date: 03-juin-11 14:39:38 Paris Cher(ère) kamo0_4, Hi Brigitte, I always find the best value postage rate for my customers & for this parcel, DHL are actually the cheapest as well as being faster. Royal Mail airmail small packets would be £27.50 (£5.00 more than DHL). If I send the books in several smaller parcels, it will cost even more so £22.50 is the best price I can find. Let me know what you think. Kind regards, Lynne - lynden4wear
Lynne, I don't understand why you want to send by DHL. Small Packet rate is available up to 5kg for books, and much, much cheaper than DHL. These 7 books I'm buying are thin and shouldn't weight more than 1kg without packaging, and I trust you're not going to use anything heavy for padding. Please review the rates for small packet and get back to me with the total weight including packaging. I am giving you below the link to the small packet rates for Europe. - kamo0_4
Sent Date: 03-juin-11 17:01:17 Paris Cher(ère) kamo0_4, Brigitte, the books weigh 4.75 kg in total & the cheapest postage price for this weight to France with Royal Mail is £27.36. Please feel free to check this for yourself on their website - which you have already looked at. There is a "Price Finder" where you can input the weight & destination & it calculates the cost. I am now going to the Post Office & whilst there I will get the staff to confirm the price for me for 4.75 kg to France in case the website is wrong although it's never been so before. Kind regards, Lynne
Date de l'envoi : 03-Jun-11 16:46:17 BST Dear lynden4wear, Lynne there is something wrong with your packaging. The total weight should not be that heavy. There are all kinds of ligthweight packaging for airmail and even if you send by small packet airmal rate it will not cost £27.36. Please be reasonable I am losing patience. - kamo0_4
Cher(ère) kamo0_4, Brigette, I assure you I make a big effort to be fair to people & only ever charge the minimum for postage. Obviously I have to pack books securely to avoid damage but NEVER pack things excessivley. The books won't fit in a bubble envelope so I am using a very lightweight box & bubble wrap. The unpacked books weigh 4.6 kg & I can do nothing about that - none of them are small & 2 of them have hard covers. I am happy to reduce the packed weight to 4.68 kg by using paper wrapping instead of cardboard but the risk of damage is greater & the price is not much less - it will still cost you £26.81 via Royal Mail (I am not charging you for packging). I made an effort to shop around for you this morning & found the best postage price available (with DHL) but if you want me to use Royal Mail then obviously I will have to charge you accordingly. I would much prefer to use Royal Mail myself as I will be stuck at home all day waiting for DHL to collect your parcel if I use them but I am simply trying to save you money! I cannot afford to charge you less than the actual postage price as I only make a tiny profit on each book & cannot afford to lose money on postage. Nor can I change the weight of the books you have bought so I honestly do not know what else I can do except to offer to agree to cancel all or some of the sales if you wish. Please let me know if this is what you want. In the meantime I will send you another invoice with a Royal Mail Airmail postage option as well as the courier so you can choose between them. Kind regards, Lynne
Lynne I don't see where you get this shipping price of £38.90. According to my own calculations, small packet airmail for 4.75kg would cost no more than 27.08. As your bill stands, the shipping cost is greater than the price of the books which is ridiculous! I will pay the £27 for small packet airmail. If you don't accept this rate which is based on the website I showed you earlier (Royal Mail) then I'll have to cancel the whole order, file a complaint to eBay about you and I'll never buy from you again. Your choice. - kamo0_4
4 juin: Brigitte, sorry, I made an an error on the 2nd invoice for which I apologise. I have sent you another invoice with the reduced postal prices so you can choose the service you prefer. £38.90 is the total of all the postage charges for each book before my postage discounts are applied & is automatically entered into an invoice by eBay, I forgot to amend it because I was distressed. Lynne
Cher(ère) kamo0_4, Hi, many thanks again for your purchases which are much appreciated. I will post your books on Monday via Royal Mail Airmail so the parcel should reach you approximately 5-7 days later. I hope you will be pleased with the books & will enjoy reading & using them. Kind regards, Lynne.
6 juin: Cher(ère) kamo0_4, Hi, just to confirm that I posted your books today as promised & also to let you know that I will be away on holiday from 10th-26th June so if you have a problem or query regarding any of your purchases, I will deal with it as a priority on my return. Kind regards, Lynne - lynden4wear

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