Housing Court



Please note: In order to be enforceable, an order MUST BE 1) in writing; 2) entered into the official record AND 3) served on the parties (usually by mail).

First Stipulation

where I commit myself to pay all the back rent and where the landlord commits himself to make repairs (which he never did). Signed and "So Ordered" by Judge Milin on November 18/98:
First Stip

First Motion

To vacate the default judgment and to grant me leave to amend my answer to the non-payment petition of the landlord:
Affidavit of November 27/98
Order of March 23/99

Second Motion

To strike the action from the trial calendar:
Affidavit of May 3/99
Order of May 5/999

Federal Complaint

For the violation of my rights under the First and Fourteenth Amendments to the Constitution, resulting from a conspiracy between the landlord, his attorneys and Judge Milin. Filed with an application for waiver of fees because of Poor Person status. The complaint is in the hands of a review committe which is under no deadline to grant or deny the application. It can take years! I filed it on May 4/99

Third Motion

To vacate the order of May 5/99 appointing me a guardian ad litem and for the recusal of Judge Milin:
Affidavit of May 17/99

This motion was ignored by Judge Milin, who transferred the case to Judge Klein for trial.

Second Stipulation

Dated June 23, 1999, where Mina MacFarlane gives a sweetheart deal to the landlord in my name, committing me to evacuate my apartment by July 23/99. So Ordered by Judge Klein on June 23/99.
Second Stip

Warrant of Eviction served July/29/99
Executed August 10/1999.


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