<h3><center>Stipulation of Settlement</center></h3>

Stipulation of Settlement


1) The respondent acknowledges owing $3,460 at $123.60 per week and he petition is amended to include rent through 12/8/1998. Final judgment petitioner $3,460.80. Issuance of a warrant of eviction stayed through 11/30/98 for payment.

2) If respondent defaults a warrant of eviction to issue on Agent's affidavit to execute upon service of a marshall's notice.

3) Petitioner does not object to one order to show cause for good cause shown.

4) Petitioner to inspect and repair as required by law: - caulk between cabinets; - water damage above sink in kitchen.
Respondent to provide access 11/30/98 - 12/1/98, work to be completed by 12/10/98.

5)Partial payment may be accepted without prejudice. All payment shall first apply to current rent, then to arrears.

Signature of petitioner by Michael Steiner
Signature of respondent B. Picart

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