(This is computer generated order with a few blank lines for the judge's handwritten order.)

Upon the foregoing cited papers, the decision/order in this motion is as follows: MOTION IS DENIED.

dated: May 5, 1999 Maria Milin, Judge Housing Part.

On a different set of papers, this time blank paper which doesn't bear any official inscription, is the following order:

Caption of the case, Index number 82281/98

On May 5, 199, Mina MacFarlane appeared before the Court stating that as a member of the Housing Court Pro Bono Guardian Ad Litem Program of the Association of the Bar of the City of New York she would accept the Court's appointment as Guardian ad Litem to Respondent Bridgette Picart.

As Respondent has exhibited such conduct as set forth in the sua sponte motion of the court order dated 3/23/99 so as to indicate that she may not be in a position of understanding the nature of these proceedings and protecting her rights as a tenant on her own; and as the appointment of a guardian ad litem may be of great assistance in satisfactorily resolving this situation and preserving the tenancy by negotiating a satisfactory settle- ment of this matter; and as petitioner has consented to the appointment of a guardian ad litem and as Mina MacFarlane has consented to act as such a guardian ad litem;

Now with the consent of the parties herein, it is OREDERED that Mina MacFarlane, who is a competent and responsible person fully aware of the nature of the within proceedings, be and she is hereby appointed guardian ad litem for said adult respondent. It is understood that said guardian shall serve without bond, and shall be covered for the limited purposes conceived by this appointment, by the Association of the Bar's malpractice insur- ance, and shall appear for respondent in order to protect her interests in this action, said appointment being made for the purposes including, but not limited to, the guardian ad litem acting to the best of her ability to establish a relationship with respondent; and in light of the facts and circumstances of this case and respondent's present personal and physical condi- tion, participate with counsel in negotiations, to attend any court appearances, and monitoring, on respondent's behalf, so that she is being provided with whatever protective and support- ive services from various agencies, which seem appropriate so that respondent may be in a position to meaningfully and effectu- ally exercise any rights, interests and options which may be available to her in this action.

Dated: New York, New York May 5, 1999

Maria Milin, Judge, Housing Part.

Note: These two orders were neither served nor en- tered

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