<h1><center>Stipulation of settlement</center></h1>
(pre-printed text): The parties under- stand that each party has a right to a trial, the right to see a Judge at any time and the right not to enter into a stipulation of settlement. However, after a review of all the issues, the parties agree that they do not want to go to trial and instead agree to the following stipulation in settlement of the issues in this matter:

(handwritten by landlord's attorney)

1) Respondent consents to a final judgment in favor of Peti- tioner for possession only.

2)A warrant of eviction shall issue forthwith. Execution is stayed to 7/23/99. If Respondent voluntarily vacates by 7/23/99 leaving the room free of all occupancy, Petitioner will waive all rents and arrears owed to 7/23/99 (current balance to date is $7,910).

Signature of Landlord's attorney, Steiner, signature of Mina MacFarlane, Guardian ad Litem.

Note by Judge Klein: Respondent refuses to sign the stip, however the Court accepts the signature of the guardian ad litem in her legal and official capacity as binding on Respon- dent.So Ordered. Signature.