FAX from Mina MacFarlane to Claire Picart

6 May 1999
Dear Mme Picart:

I apologize for writing this letter in English and hope it will not be too difficult for you to translate or have translat- ed.

I have been appointed by the Court as a temporary guardian for your daughter Brigitte. She has not paid her rent and the land- lord wants to evict her. She told me she has money coming to her from an inheritance; from a building that was recently sold by you. I would be grateful if you would confirm this. If there is a way for her to get money, it may be possible to help her move out of the apartment where she lives, and into another residence where she feels more secure. I am also attempting to get her some professional assistance to help her deal with her fears.

I am an attorney, however, I am not acting as an attorney for your daughter, but as a volunteer guardian on behalf of the New York City Bar Association. Nevertheless, anything we say to each other will be kept in confidence. Brigitte has given me permis- sion to contact you.

She is due back in Court on May 19, so it is very important tht I have whatever information you can give me about any monies owed, or any further information about Brigitte that would help me with this situation, as soon as possible. I would appreciate it if you would reply to this by return mail, or by facsimile to [xxxxx].

Again my apologies for writing you in English. I loof forward to your reply. Very truly yours, Mina MacFarlane.

* * *

FAX from Claire Picart to Mina MacFarlane

May 11th, 1999
Dear Ms MacFarlane:

I received your letter dated May 6th concerning my daughter, Brigitte, and I would like to thank you warmly for the interest you show with regards to my daughter's wellbeing.

The building in question is going to be sold by auction, this afternoon. Maître Laurent, the notary who is handling the family estate's distribution will inform you regarding Brigitte's part in the inheritance [phone and fax numbers].

Owing to Brigitte's lack of cooperation, the situation has become rather complex and we will not be able to give you the exact, final amount before the 19th.

I thank you again, so much, for your time, consideration and discretion in this matter. Sincerely, Claire Picart.

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