June 2, 1999

Dear Brigitte:
Enclosed is a second letter from your mother. It was my sugges- tion that she send you $1,500 c/o Western Union. That should give you enough to pay some expenses, and to open a bank account. I have not heard from Mr. Vaniz [my niece's husband] so I shall fax your mother today and ask that she wire the money immediately to you c/o Western Union. I need to know immediately when the new bank account is open, and the account number, so that we can arrange for additional trnsfers. Your mother will only be able to wire money into the account, nothing further.

In the meantime I spoke with David Thornton of PSA. He said you were most uncooperative when he saw you May 24. That is unfortunate, Brigitte, and does nothing to help your case.

Although you refuse to accept this, I am working hard to ensure that you keep your apartment and are not thrown out on the street. I persuaded PSA to reopen your case and to arrange for a profesisonal evaluation of you and your situation. No one is attempting to label you as "crazy", regardless of what you might think, but your refusal to accept the fact that you will be evicted does not appear rational. As for your argument that you have "rights", you do not. You are not a citizen, a point that I do not wish to make public.

As your court appointed Guardian ad litem, I can ask the Court to appoint a Law Guardian to handle your finances and personal affairs, and I have the authority to sign an agreement with the landlord. I also do not wish to do those at this time. I think it better that we approach the Court with an evaluation and recom- mendation from a professional.

I cannot order you to cooperate with PSA, Brigitte, but I can tell you that if you do not, you will be evicted and you will lose any possibility of getting your life back in order. By speaking with a psychiatrist, you may well get expert support for your contention tha you should be able to handle your affairs. If you do not, you leave the question in the air. The decision is yours. Mr. Thornton should be in touch with you within the week.

I shall write to your mother again, today, as I must know when you will receive your inheritance and how much you can expect from it. Neither PSA, nor your landlord, nor most likely the Court, can afford to wait until mid-October. I must have this information before June 9, our next scheduled court date.

I shall see you on June 9 before Judge Klein. Please call me when you receive the wire transfer from your mother.

Very truly yours, Mina

Fax from my mother Claire Picart to MacFarlane

Dear Ms MacFarlane:
I received your Fax with great pain and also gratitude for you. It's difficult for me to speak English. Mister Smith-Vaniz will call you this afternoon or on Monday to explain you the situa- tion. He is Eleonore's husband. Eleonore is Brigitte's niece.

Helas! The building will be sold only on the 6th of October... You can give number of account Western Union at Mr. Smith. I suggest to transfer $1,500 Dollars. Isn't well?

I thank you again very sincerely. Claire Picart

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